Pizzeria Poselli #70

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Central Macedonia
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At this corner, with its wooden plates, canned duplicates for menu cases, retro lampshades, and its dining areas, you are mentally in a New York City neighborhood pizzeria. In this historic building, it has set up its own authentic retro hangout. After all, we all have a pizza flavor that we always remember with nostalgia and love. For this rare taste they fought and managed in recent years, six friends who made a beautiful taste story that became the talk of the town, spread word of mouth and is a destination day and night. Manos Nikas, the man who gave birth to her, won the bet with pure fine flavors, the freshness of the vegetables, the rocket they dared to put on top, the authentic parmesan flakes and even the truffle oil. They created a whole new world of flavor. Whenever you pass someone kneads their thin bun all day long until midnight, someone else adorns the fresh ingredients and most, from the front of the counter, wait patiently for a piece of tartar, bolognese, caprice. devils, castrators, grecas and all the other magical names that hide tasty treasures.

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